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Futurama 21.09 is now available. Licensees can download it by logging in on this website.
See below for the new functionalities.

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Date of release

September 2021


196 MB







What is new in Futurama 21.09?

See our Version Information for details about the new features, regarding:

  • Security improvements
  • Dependencies

Upgrade from previous versions

To update to a new version, you have to save the downloaded files over the old files. Then convert the Futurama-files to the new version.
In some cases, for example in web.config, are changes needed.

For more information go to: http://support.futurama.eu, or contact us on info@futurama.eu.


Version History

For a detailed description of all new features in previous versions, see our Version Information.

Version 21.082021 - Aug

  • Security improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version 21.072021 - Jul

  • Upcoming migration to .Net5
  • Upcoming Futurama WebEditor
  • Bug fixes

Version 21.062021 - Jun

  • Performance improved in Content Security Policy
  • SessionID length increased

Version 21.052021 - May

  • Vision Resources without VisionReference
  • EncodeOutput property for XmlConverter

Version 21.042021 - Apr

  • Improvements in Content Security Policy
  • New functionality
  • Bug fixes

Version 21.032021 - Mar

  • Content Security Policy

Version 21.022021 - Feb

  • LogViewer improvements
  • Text management improvement
  • Bug fixes

Version 21.012021 - Jan

  • Content management in Vision Management site
  • PageControls
  • Improved logging
  • Bug Fixes

Version 20.12.12020 - Dec

  • Performance improvements in calculations
  • Improvements in Futurama Webservice
  • Improvements in WebReference
  • Performance improvements
  • Executing update queries in Vision
  • More output types supported in FileSaver
  • Bug fixes

Version 20.092020 - Sep

  • New formula "Range"
  • Bug fixes

Version 20.082020 - Aug

  • Executing tasks in Vision
  • Bug fixes

Version 20.072020 - Jul

  • ReturnPath property for sending emails
  • Performance improvement import policies
  • Bug fixes

Version 20.062020 - Jun

  • Easier use of Futurama Webservices
  • Bug fixes

Version 20.052020 - May

  • New features
  • Rendering Futurama Websites

Version 20.042020 - Apr

  • New features
  • Security enhancements

Version 20.032020 - Mar

  • New features
  • Bug fixes

Version 20.022020 - Feb

  • New features
  • Bug fixes

Version 20.012020 - Jan

  • Upgrade .Net 4.8
  • Bug fixes
  • New compatibility mode

Version 19.122019 - Dec

  • The performance of the editor is improved
  • Formula added for text substition using a Regular Expression
  • Futurama webservice Http Headers added
  • SAML2 identity provider improved with encrypted assertions

Version 19.112019 - Nov

  • Bug fixes

Version 19.102019 - Oct

  • Webservice
  • WebReference
  • Vision Managementsite
  • SAML2
  • Bug fixes

Version 19.092019 - Sep

  • Hosting
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version 19.082019 - Aug

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version 19.072019 - Jul

  • Support for reading from and writing to Azure
  • Bugfixes

Version 19.062019 - Jun

  • Reading files from Azure
  • Extension of Custom Pages
  • Various bugfixes

Version 19.052019 - May

  • Ability to add custom pages to the Vision Management Site
  • Koppelvlak 5B
  • New Matrix Formulas
  • Various bugfixes

Version 19.042019 - Apr

  • Logging of messages
  • New webservice in Futurama Vision for importing data
  • Use of PageData in WebListBox
  • RadioButton with AutoNumber
  • Improvement in SAML2
  • Bugfixes

Version 19.032019 - Mar

  • PageData
  • For Dutch NPR: Koppelvlak 5A
  • Bugfixes

Version 19.022019 - Feb

  • Enhancement for eIDAS
  • Authentication for Futurama Vision webservices
  • Webservice for retrieving information about importing data

Version 19.012019 - Jan

  • Support for eIDAS
  • VisionMethod CreatePerson
  • Performance improvement in calculation with code generation
  • Memory usage improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.122018 - Dec

  • Performance improvement when reading very large XML files
  • Use Reference to Formula with multiple argument to create matrix
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.112018 - Nov

  • Read from Excel sheets
  • Output Excel sheet
  • Improvement in speed of calculation
  • Rendering
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.102018 - Oct

  • Multiple identity providers in Futurama Web for eIDas
  • Add ability to clean URL after logging in
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.092018 - Sep

  • Load balancing for Futurama Web
  • New url in websites to allow the start of a new session
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.082018 - Aug

  • Load balancing for Futurama Web
  • Performance for Futurama Vision
  • Formula to read a vector based on XPath

Version 18.072018 - Jul

  • Improved error message custom WSDL
  • Upgrading the Vision Database
  • XmlField
  • WebListBox
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.062018 - Jun

  • Validation improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.052018 - May

  • Changes in WebAPI

Version 18.042018 - Apr

  • Changes in encryption to support the GDPR
  • Change in update policy for Vision
  • Vision enhancements
  • Change in ActuIT skin
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.032018 - Mar

  • New functionality to export data for a person
  • Change the Visible property to a variable
  • New look and feel for Vision
  • Added the German language to Futurama Vision
  • Remove the name ActuIT from screens
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.022018 - Feb

  • Migrate to .Net 4.6.2
  • New formula Convert.Excel.to.XML
  • Multithreading in webservice
  • Functionality to remove data from Vision Database
  • Functionality to make a Futurama application multilanguage
  • Vision Management Site is skinnable
  • WebService: WADL page
  • Bug fixes

Version 18.012018 - Jan

  • New formula "IsValidXml"
  • New validation for WebReference
  • Bug fixes

Version 17.122017 - Dec

  • GraphConverter enhancement
  • XmlConverter enhancement
  • Smaller changes

Version 17.112017 - Nov

  • Generate Custom Wsdl
  • Generate XSD
  • Create pie charts with the GraphConverter
  • Use a Range or DataTable as an argument in a Reference
  • Futurama Server Job to create a ZIP file with Documents from Futurama Data Store
  • New Vision Method to retrieve Policy identifiers
  • Various small issues

Version 17.102017 - Oct

  • History functionality added
  • Small improvements

Version 17.092017 - Sep

  • Enhancements for GraphConverter
  • Futurama Vision Filemanager enhancement
  • Small improvements

Version 17.082017 - Aug

  • Webservice enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Version 17.072017 - Jul

  • New formulas
  • File Manager in Futurama Vision
  • Various improvements to WebReference
  • Various enhancements

Version 17.062017 - Jun

  • New formulas
  • Various small issues

Version 17.052017 - May

  • Futurama Editor issues
  • Calculations
  • Futurama WebAPI

Version 17.042017 - Apr

  • Improvements in Vision
  • Editor issues
  • Bugfix Logfile Viewer Futurama Server
  • Improvement in Webservice

Version 17.032017 - Mar

  • Improvements in Futurama WebAPI
  • Improvements in calculation speed
  • Editor issues

Version 17.022017 - Feb

  • HTML5
  • WebAPI
  • Editor issues
  • New functionality for SAML2 identity provider
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Webservice security
  • Various bug fixes

Version 17.012017 - Jan

  • Logfile viewer
  • External formula libraries
  • Bug-fixes

Version 16.122016 - Dec

  • Logfile viewer
  • Validation improvements
  • Various bug-fixes

Version 16.112016 - Nov

  • New version number
  • Undo/Redo in the Editor
  • Security improvements for Futurama Web
  • Improvements in Vision
  • Support for LoadBalancing
  • WebService supports REST
  • WebReference
  • New formulas
  • Bug fixes

Version - Q2-Q3

Various small fixes

Version 5.3.22016 Q1

Allow simultaneous use of NPR 3.0 and NPR 2.1 in Futurama Register

  • Futurama adds to option specify per app which version of the NPR data you wish to provide. Futurama Register now provides seperate adresses for NPR 3.0 and NPR 2.1. For more information go to Futurama Register Management

Version 5.3.12015 Q4

Rendering and webreference enhancements

  • Futurama adds options to further control the rendering of the webpage. You can now add and remove javascripts and meta tags.
  • WebReference can now include a header in the mesage
  • WebReference adds option to include the header in the result. You can read all about this option in http://support.futurama.eu/docs/all/page/320/configuration-cache/
  • WarmUp request for WebService

WebReference adds option to display an error that occured in the result, instead of throwing an exception

Version 5.32015 Q4

Calculation enhancements

  • Code generation leads to quicker calculations for non-matrix formulas
  • UserVariable now supports storing matrices with arbitrary rank
  • New function to convert CSV files to XML

WebReference adds option to display an error that occured in the result, instead of throwing an exceptionAu

Version 5.2September 2014

  • Support WCF services: Rest support, various security models
  • Vision is now multilanguage
  • Vision communication supports WCF security

Version and Q2

Various security enhancements and improvements in memory usage.

Version 5.2September 2014

  • Support WCF services: Rest support, various security models
  • Vision is now multilanguage
  • Vision communication supports WCF security

Version 5.1April 2014

  • Matrix formulas: we added a lot of matrix formulasto enable super fast matrix calculations
  • We added support for HTML email with images and attachements.
  • In the Editor the errorbox is improved to make the errors more readable
  • The VisionReference is improved to make administration easier and to enable a scenario with a fail-over deployment

Version 5.0 October 2013

  • Better performance for matrix formulas
  • Identity management
  • FileUploader control added
  • Futurama object added: Aggregation
  • Functionality added to retrieve the number of unique logins to your website
  • Formula added for determining the user agent for a visitor

Version 4.3 January 2013

  • New: the possibility to save data from web applications that are made in Futurama
  • New: matrix formulas
  • A lot of Editor issues have been resolved
  • Computing speed increased substantially
  • Enhanced configuration system
  • Various other issues

Version 4.2.1 July 2012

  • Futurama Editor translated into English
  • Performance improvements
  • Possibility to link action objects to Webcontrols like the WebLabel

Version 4.2.0 February 2012

  • File conversion improved
  • Module Futurama Documents expanded
  • Recursion improved

Version 4.1.2December 2011

  • Formula library changed to English 

Version 4.1.0November 2011

  • Improvement Futurama Documents: Better PDF’s
  • Futurama Server extansion:
    - Jobs can run parallel
    - User-friendly User-Interface
  • Improved logging-functionality

Version 4.0.3January 2011

  • Improvement Futurama Documents: Footnotes are now displayed properly.

Version 4.0.2December 2010

  • Added ability to perform XSLT-transformations.

Version 4.0.1December 2010

  • Transition to .Net Framework 4.0
    Note: Switching from an older version to 4+ requires additional conversion steps. See Support-page
  • New features:
    - Datebox
    Easy way to enter dates.
    - Webslider
    Slider for data entry
    - Clearcache
    Function to empty the cache of other objects.
  • Improved webservice

Version 3.4.0August 2010

  • Improved Futurama Documents:
    - PDF's are generated faster
    - Automatically update the table of contents
  • Extensibility XML-builder
  • Futurama Webservice: it is now possible to say that Futurama Webservice uses caching. This will improve the speed.

Version 3.3.0 February 2010

  • New modules:
    - Futurama Server
    By using this module via a website, you can run Futurama jobs. Ideal for printing large numbers of documents.
    - Futurama Register
    Module especially for the Dutch pensionfunds. They can link this to the Nationale Pensioenregister.
  • New functionalities:
    - Webservice
    By using a Futurama Webservice, you can offer a Webservice.
    - Encryption
    With the help of two new functions you can encrypt the data. So you can save encrypted privacy sensitive personal information in a database.

Version 3.2.0 July 2009

  • New module Futurama Vivid: Futurama Vivid makes websites more dynamic, faster and more interactive. It is easily applied, and the usability is greatly enhanced. 
  • Improvement Futurama Insight: The display of the formulas has improved and it is now possible to expand subformules.
  • Automatic conversion is made easier
  • Futurama is now also suitable for 64-bit systems.

Version 3.1.0 February 2009

  • New and enhanced modules:
    - Improved Futurama Graph
    Tooltips and pop-ups are made possible.
    - Improved Futurama Documents
    Custom fonts can now be added to the documents.
    - New module Futurama Insight
    Enables you to directly see the underlying calculation of a webpage. Useful tool both in the development process and to answer questions.
  • Automatic control is possible. This will avoid the possibility that users see unreliable results. Also useful in the implementation phase.

Version 3.0.0 September 2008

  • Transition to XHTML, newest standard in HTML-field:
    - Quantity code of a website is greatly reduced. Websites are therefore quicker and more maintainable. 
    - Easier to use for developers. Construction and layout are better seperated. 
    - Improved compatibility. Differences between browsers like IE and Firefox are made smaller.
  • New module Futurama Documents: Futurama documents enables you to automatically  generate large numbers of ready-to-use documents.

Version 2.3.0 March 2008

  • Function added to look up the rights of a Windows user. One the base of the group classification in the Active Directory, the functionality in an intranet page can be varied.
  • Expansion possibilities subdocuments

Version 2.2.0 September 2007

  • Launching of authenication-module
  • Possibilities graphs expanded
  • Futurama Editor improved
  • Improved the Help of the Editor

Version 2.1.0 April 2007

  • New object: EmailConverter
  • Futurama can now be used in batchmode to generate XML-documents.
  • Improved methods of using the Webservices.

Version 2.0.0 May 2006

  • Several security features have been added. Futurama now supports Forms Authentication, next to the already supported Windows Authentication.

Version 1.0 - 1.8 March 2004 - April 2006

  • Launching of Futurama
    In this first version there are several improvements:
    - Integration with SQL Server
    - Possibilities to work with subdocuments
    - Support links to Oracle Databases
    - Transition to .Net Framework 2.0




Version 18.102018 - Oct

  • Multiple identity providers in Futurama Web for eIDas
  • Add ability to clean URL after logging in
  • Bug fixes