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Futurama 20.12 released

The latest version of Futurama was launched in December 2020 ...

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Futurama 20.11 released

Version 20.11 of Futurama was released in November 2020 ...

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What is Futurama?

Powerful platform for application development.

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Why Futurama?

Seven wise reasons to choose Futurama.

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Use Futurama

All the advantages of spreadsheets, no disadvantages!

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Futurama enables you to quickly and efficiently develop applications to communicate with your customers.
Futurama consists of a number of building blocks that make it very easy to quickly and with minimum effort develop tools that:

  • provide access to information contained in your databases,
  • perform complex calculations,
  • and present the results of these calculations to your clients.
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