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Futurama is a flexible solution that can be implemented in all types of organisations regardless of size. For example, our customers each have their own system, security requirements and organisational structure. Based on your specific needs and requirements, Futurama can be used in a variety of ways: 

  • Develop applications yourself – or outsource development
  • Link to your systems
  • Share information securely
  • Host yourself – or use an external provider


Development and administration

If your organisation employs people with the appropriate background and experience, you can opt to let them develop, design and adjust your applications using the Futurama Editor. However, this requires sound knowledge of your financial products and adminstrative system as well as strong computer skills. The Futurama consultants are always available to provide training and answer questions. 

Alternatively, you can leave the implementation and administration completely to our consultants, while a hybrid form, where AtuIT is responsible for initial implementation and your employees implement any later changes is another option.


Futurama is generally linked to your systems. Since all systems are different, a variety of alternatives are available. The differences relate to the frequency with which the data is updated, (should an application be linked ‘live’, or would a temporary export of the source data be sufficient?), the format used to store the data (do you use an SQL, Oracle or other ODBC database, or a different system?) and your internal and external IT environment (are the database and Futurama installed in the same environment, or is Futurama hosted externally?) Futuram provides a solution for any situation.


When you communicate with your customers via e-mail or over the internet, you naturally want to do this securely, and here too, the use of Futurama is based on your specific situation. If you intend to use Futurama only for active clients, you can provide all their products through the internet environment. Security is then guaranteed through the loging process in this environment. If you already have an online portal, you will be able to implement Futurama there as well.


Larger organisations generally have an infrastructure to host websites themselves. If this is not possible, ActuIT can provide hosting services or Futurama can be installed elsewhere. This naturally has an impact on the decisions described above, and we look forward working with you to decide on the most appropriate implementation for your specific situation.


Your organization and applications are not static, and Futurama adapts to these changes. You have the option to initially use Futurama on a limited basis and later use it for alternative purposes. This allows you to take into account your organisation’s capacity and introduce your organisation and clients to Futurama on a gradual basis. The Futurama licensing model can accommodate gradual expansion, a process in which we will be pleased to assit you.