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If you have any questions regarding Futurama you can always consult our extensive support manual: Futurama Support

Some major sections of the manual are listed and explained below.

About Futurama

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In this section a general introduction in Futurama is given.

- Release notes

- Getting started



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In this section the installation and configuration of the different parts of Futurama is explained.

- Website

- Export

- Webservice


Futurama Editor

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The Futurama Editor allows you to create and update Futurama files. In this section working with the Editor is explained.

- At first glance

- Formulas

- Objects


Futurama Vision

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Futurama Vision provides a framework that can hold data, manage applications, analyze the use of applications and provide safe acces to personal data.

- Installation

- Admin settings

- Security

- Importing data



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Comprehensive video tutorials and exercises to get used to work with Futurama and build applications.

- Beginners

- Advanced