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The Futurama Concept

Futurama provides you with a software solution that enables yuor organisation to create calculation and communication applications to communicate with your clients quickly and efficiently. 

Separate technology and set-up

The Futurama Concept requires a strict separation between generic technologies that enable both the generation of websites, e-mails and documents and the set-up of your calculations, visual identity and infrastructure.

All our clients use exactly the same software application: Futurama. The differences betweet the various implemantations relate only to the customer-specific files interpreted by the Futurama Engine. The major advantage for your organisation is that all features that are required or useful for the design are already accessible in Futurama, ensuring fast and efficient implementations. In addition, you share all Futurama functionality with other users, making the costs of adaptions and or extensions a shared benefit


The separation between set-up and technology also ensures a future-proof solution for your organization. Futurama Update continuously updates and upgrades Futurama with the latest trends in IT, while at the same time remaining compatible with the files developed in previous versions of Futurama.

Organize your own set-up with Futurama Editor

The Futurama Editor allows you to create and update customer specific definition files. The Futurama Editor provides a user-friendly environment in which formulas, tables, links and web pages are defined in a highly intuitive way. The design and functionality of the Futurama Editor is compatible with commonly used office systems. This reduces implementation time and turnaround time during the development stage..


For development in Futurama, you can use building blocks that have been reduced to their most basic form, allowing you to create fixed parameters, references, formulas and tables for your calculations as required. The complexity of the implementation is determined only by the complexity of your application.