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Why Futurama


7 Reasons to choose Futurama

FAST Reduce the development time and turnaround time of your applications. Experts can build and manage their own applications, without a complex development cycle
MANAGEABLE Maintain full control over applications in your organization. Futurama’s server-based structure ensures effective version management and prevents double functionality, thereby reducing business risks.
EFFICIENT You can use your own organization’s power by giving product specialists control over application content – this means no unnecessary communication with (external) programmers.
PROVEN IN PRACTICE Futurama has been in use for many years at dozens of organizations and has a total of more than five million end users.
FLEXIBLE Use Futurama for a single application or as a comprehensive solution for your organization.
SECURE, STABLE AND RELIABLE Futurama runs on the Microsoft .NET framework, ensuring secure, stable, reliable and scalable operation.
FUTURE PROOF The Futurama Concept ensures you’re ready for the future, while the large client base guarantees that Futurama is continuously improved and extended.