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Futurama vs. Spreadsheets

Futurama provides all the advantages of spreadsheets without limitations and drawbacks.

Avoid risk by:

  • inadequate version management
  • ‘scattered’ spreadsheets on separate clients
  • manual import and export of data
  • lack of reproducibility

Experience the conveniece of Futurama and experience the Futurama concept and step into the world of the most user friendly alternative to spreadsheets NOW!

Futurama combines all the benefits of hard-coded applications with the flexibility and simplicity of spreadsheets.

  Futurama Spread sheets Hard coded  
VERSION MANAGEMENT Futurama is server-based and provides a wide range of options for version numbers and OTAP processes.
DISTRIBUTION The server-based structure prevents the ‘scattering’ of old versions/beta versions.
EASE OF USE The Futurama Editor works intuitively and is suitable for non-programmers. You can use your employees’ skills by giving them access to tools they understand.
DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Applications are developed quickly, efficiently and in an accessible way.
FLEXIBILITY Changes can be implemented quickly and efficiently.
BUSINESS RISKS Integrated version management and a server-based structure ensure that Futurama does not expose you to the risks associated with spreadsheets.
LINKING OPTIONS Link Futurama directly to your databases, web services or file system. Manual import and export is not necessary, while Futurama can also be accessed through web services.
SCALABILITY Futurama allows you to generate large numbers of documents (100,000+). Web sessions also have unlimited scalability.
SECURITY Futurama helps you prevent unauthorized changes to calculations.