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Company Info 

Futurama B.V. is owner and supplier of Futurama.

With our software we support large financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies in developing applications for communication with their participants quickly and efficiently. Our software has been designed and developed in order to enable people without knowledge of hardcore programming but with market knowledge to develop their own applications.

Futurama has 3 suppliers who combine delivering the software with offering consultancy-services. In the Netherlands this is ActuIT, the company from which Futurama B.V. originated. ActuIT has been founded in 2002 and from that moment on the development of the software package took off.
In order to make a clear distinction between providing services úsing the software and the development of the software itself, a separate company Futurama B.V. has been founded in 2016.

Our market segments

In the Netherlands ActuIT is market leader as the supplier of software for the implementation of pension planners. 6 out of 10 of the largest pension funds employ Futurama in developing their applications. Altogether Futurama has over 6 million end users in the Netherlands.
Outside the Netherlands Futurama is currently employed by our partners in Germany (SolvEngine) and in the Netherlands Antilles (Penshun Fásil).

Key executives

Drs Chris Vrolijk AAG 
Co-founder, Owner and Director 

Drs Dirk Kuijpers AAG
Co-founder, Owner and Director

Contact information

Futurama BV
Prins Hendrikkade 22/3
1012 TM Amsterdam
the Netherlands
tel. +31 20 530 4760

KVK: 67243568 (Dutch Chamber of Commerce)